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icas assessment report template is a icas assessment report sample that gives infomration on icas assessment report design and format. when designing icas assessment report example, it is important to consider icas assessment report template style, design, color and theme. this report describes the education completed and suggests the comparable level in ontario/canada for each credential. this type of report is the one most commonly required for admission to a postsecondary program. this report describes the education completed, suggests the comparable level in ontario/canada and provides a list of senior secondary and postsecondary courses/subjects completed with the comparable credit values and grades. if you have already received an icas assessment report, you can add a qualification to your report or upgrade your general report to a comprehensive report. if you are submitting original documents, icas encourages you to select courier service so that your original documents can be returned with the assessment report. the assessment fee includes one electronic copy and one original assessment report.

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ontariocolleges.ca will then send this report to all the colleges to which you have applied. two reports will be issued — one that compares your education to the ontario/canadian system and one that compares it to the us system. if you have already applied for an assessment report and you would like to schedule an appointment for in-person submission of your original education documents, please contact info@icascanada.ca and provide your icas file number. icas will be unable to assist you if you visit the office without a pre-booked appointment. all files are handled as quickly as is possible, in order, based on the date of receipt of complete documentation. if you are applying for immigration to canada, icas has a separate application process for immigration applicants who require an eca.

icas is one of the organizations designated by immigration, refugees and citizenship canada to provide assessment reports for immigration purposes. if you have already received an icas assessment report, you can upgrade your report to the canadian immigration assessment package. the completed renewal package can be submitted to icas by mail, courier or by fax to 1-519-763-6964. your file will be reviewed to confirm that the documents previously presented and the assessment are consistent with current policies. documents submitted to icas in a sealed envelope by an applicant or another third party are not considered to be official documents and will not be accepted. if your institution facilitates the provision of official documents electronically, the institution may submit stamped/signed documents from their records to icas by e-mail.

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all documents submitted for a canadian immigration assessment package become the property of icas and will not be returned. you can log in to track the status of your assessment using your icas file number and your date of birth. the preparation of an icas assessment report begins when we have received a completed application form, payment, and all required documents. to protect your privacy, icas staff are not authorized to discuss the results of an assessment on the phone. for applications received prior to april 1, the processing time posted at the time of application (30 weeks after all required documents are received) remains accurate.

you will have to secure an assessment of your educational qualifications. icas is one of the ircc-recognized organizations that provides assessment of foreign credentials. following an assessment of educational credentials, a report – the educational credential assessment (eca) report – is issued by the assessing authority. among the ircc-designated organizations to provide ecas, icas provides credential assessment services to individuals applying to immigrate to canada. those applying for admission in the colleges in ontario can also approach icas for an assessment. the overall costs to be borne by you will be as per the processing fee for the report as well as courier delivery charges etc., as applicable. if required, a renewal can be requested after the expiry of the validity of the assessment report.

a credential might also refer to occupational qualifications, such as for work experience or professional certification. your foreign credentials might have to be evaluated if you seek to study/work in, or immigrate to canada. you will have to get your assessment from an organization or professional body – specifically selected for the purpose by ircc – for:   following an assessment, a report will be issued by the assessing authority. the processing times as well as costs vary from organization to organization. if you have already received an icas assessment report, you can get the same upgraded to the canadian immigration assessment package. edit this rich-text to provide the visitor with all appropriate information. all this and more can be done through the text editor.