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hubspot dashboard template is a hubspot dashboard sample that gives infomration on hubspot dashboard design and format. when designing hubspot dashboard example, it is important to consider hubspot dashboard template style, design, color and theme. create new dashboards for different reporting purposes, share dashboards with other users in your account, and clone or delete existing dashboards to stay organized. you can create new dashboards and customize their reports for your personal use. when you’re on the go, you can view your reports and dashboards on the hubspot mobile app. super admins and users with reports & dashboards permission can view and make changes to all dashboards, regardless of visibility or ownership. for example, if your account has both marketing hub enterprise and sales hub professional, you can have the maximum number of dashboards based on your enterprise subscription.

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please note: when searching for a user or team, using capitalized letters will return no search results. if the dashboard is created and shared to users who selected a different language, the dashboard names will still remain in the language selected originally. super admins and users with reports & dashboards permission can view and make changes to all dashboards, regardless of visibility or ownership. otherwise, a user can only make changes to dashboards they own or have access to. more than one user can have access and make changes to a dashboard. when you notice changes to a dashboard, you can view its activity log and understand who made these changes.

the hubspot crm platform lets you see all of your data in one place, making it easy to get a complete picture of business performance on the fly. you want the information you’ve gathered to be doing the work, providing actionable insights, and meaningfully driving your business forward. your viewers need to know what they’re seeing, be able to see it as part of the bigger picture, and use it as they need it. one of the hardest things to do is spot and understand how one data point or set of data points correlates to another. you don’t want your audience to misinterpret a data point in the dashboard — it could result in poor business decisions and mistakes.

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shading the background reduces contrast and makes the text harder to read. to guide people smoothly through your report, use text and graphics in combination to give clear, consistent navigation signals. as your goals and priorities change, make sure you update your hubspot dashboard so it acts as the heartbeat for whatever you’re doing. these reports allow you to track the sales or service activity, understand which campaigns drive results, and track the changes in your recurring revenue. charts are perfect for comparing one or many value sets, and they can easily show the low and high values in the data sets.