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hr investigation report template is a hr investigation report sample that gives infomration on hr investigation report design and format. when designing hr investigation report example, it is important to consider hr investigation report template style, design, color and theme. stay up-to-date with the latest workplace news and leverage our vast library of resources to streamline day-to-day workplace tasks. the employer should explain to the complaining party and all individuals involved in the investigation that all information gathered will remain confidential to the extent possible for a thorough investigation. hr also has the ability to remain impartial, is familiar with the employees, and has knowledge of the organization and of employment laws. they must disclose to the parties involved in the investigation the purpose of the investigation and the attorney-employer relationship.

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a team may make up for areas a single investigator may lack, such as experience, expertise in employment law, the ability to obtain witness information or knowledge of internal issues and culture. the investigator should inform all parties involved of the need for an investigation and explain the investigation process. there may be a disparity between what the employee is willing to write and what he or she told you in the interview. once a decision is made, the employer should notify both the complaining employee and the accused of the outcome. the goal of the document is to ensure that if a court, jury or government agency were to review it, the reviewers would conclude that the employer took the situation seriously, responded immediately and appropriately, and had a documented good-faith basis for any actions taken during or as a result of the investigation.