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hr complaint template is a hr complaint sample that gives infomration on hr complaint design and format. when designing hr complaint example, it is important to consider hr complaint template style, design, color and theme. when this happens, it’s often the best course of action to go to your human resources (hr) department or representative and file a formal complaint. they may be intimidated or overwhelmed and possibly feel that it would be unproductive to file a complaint. this will help you build your case for hr since you’ll be able to demonstrate that you followed protocol to the letter. remember that the hr representative is not your friend — you have a working relationship with them, and they are there to help you sort out and hopefully resolve a professional issue.

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they can advise you on the best course of action for your particular situation and your likelihood of winning a lawsuit, should you choose to pursue one against your employer. people tend to think of sexual harassment when they hear the word harassment, but there are several types of this illegal behavior that may occur in the workplace. perhaps you’re unable to work it out with your coworker and don’t want to or can’t approach your direct manager about the issue. of course, there are some issues to which you may not be privy, and that’s only natural. they will also be tasked with addressing it after the fact, when employees feel so burned out that they go to hr feeling exhausted and defeated.

that being said, if you find yourself in a more serious situation that does require a more formal complaint, you shouldn’t hesitate to bring the issue to the appropriate human resources contact.for many employees, the thought of filing a complaint with hr can feel scary — and that’s natural. “employers who have a well-developed prevention and management process of handling complaints could reduce their exposure to legal liability.”not only does having a clear hr complaint procedure protect your business, but it also empowers your employees; without a clear procedure in place, many employees will be unsure about how and if they should file an hr complaint, and serious issues could fall through the cracks as a result.“if there isn’t a procedure for dealing with hr complaints which is clear and communicated to employees, employees have little reason to trust that bringing an incident to hr is worth the risk,” gerberg said.

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“the burden is not on the employees, but on hr and company leadership to create an environment in which employees can trust their concerns will be handled appropriately.”make sure your employees understand that they won’t face any repercussions for filing an hr complaint — no matter who the complaint involves. what feels like a minor issue to you could be a big deal to your employee, and if you don’t follow-up on their complaint swiftly and effectively, they could feel like their issue is being ignored or swept under the rug.

in a perfect world, talking to hr would always be a fruitful and pleasant experience. what should do if you need to file a complaint against hr? you need to follow it to a t, even if you’re reporting hr to hr. in contentious circumstances, employers will often look for any potential slip-ups to make a case for termination or adverse employment action, and you do not want to provide any fodder for consideration. if you do not feel comfortable going to the ceo, you may be able to make a report to another supervisor. in cases involving sexual harassment and discrimination related to a protected class, any supervisor has a legal obligation to follow up if such a report is made to them.

documentation is key to resolving any type of employment situation. if you have relevant emails or messages, save copies of them in a safe place to which only you have access. if your complaint is related to one of the federally protected classes listed above, you may consider making a claim with the equal employment opportunity commission (eeoc). once you file a complaint, the eeoc will assign the complaint a charge number, as well as send a copy of your complaint to your employer. the eeoc may proceed to mediation, ask your employer for a written response, or begin an investigation. before filing a complaint with the eeoc, it’s wise to consider whether to consult with an employment attorney. filing a complaint at work—whether against a colleague, supervisor, or hr itself—is not an easy process, but sometimes, it’s the necessary and right thing to do.