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highlight report template is a highlight report sample that gives infomration on highlight report design and format. when designing highlight report example, it is important to consider highlight report template style, design, color and theme. the highlight report lets people knоw hоw a project іѕ coming аlоng and is оbvіоuѕlу a kеу responsibility оf аnу рrоjесt mаnаgеr. this should be done for the current period and a forecast of the same aspects for the next reporting period. this trаnѕlаtеѕ іntо confidence thаt the рrоjесt іѕ being mаnаgеd іn a рrеdісtаblе fashion. the highlight reports are created by the project manager and provided the project board via report highlights with summary information about the status of the stage and the project.

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typically prince2 checkpoint reports occur on a weekly basis, and the project manager will want to collect this information to form the basis of the highlight report. the project board and other relevant stakeholders need to get a flavour of what information is within this particular highlight report. work packages to be authorized (from the project manager), in execution, and those that have been completed during the next reporting period. typically checkpoint reports occur on a weekly basis, and the project manager will want to collect this information to form the basis of the highlight report. the highlight report will be distributed to members of the project board, but the communication management strategy should be referred to for other stakeholders that need to be sent copies.

that’s the main subject of this report. based on our product-based approach in prince2, there’s a section in the report where you list all products of the current stage, with their current and future status, add information about issues and risks, lessons learned, etc. that’s where you fill in the table for the six variables, both for the stage and for the project. document information: this is the generic information about the document and connections with your configuration management system. products: this section is about the products that are the subject of the current stage, and you report their status for the current time, and also give your forecast for the next reporting period; both of them should contain information about their quality status as well as progress.

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issues and risks: it’s probably a good idea to only list the key issues and risks, but if you want, you can attach a copy of the issue register and risk register too. objectives: the six variables, with their target values, tolerances, current state, and forecast at completion, both for the stage and for the whole project. if you have many of them, you can attach a filtered copy of the lessons log instead. you can start taking the courses right now and make sure it’s what you’ve been looking for before you buy. itil®, prince2®, prince2 agile®, msp®, m_o_r®, p3o®, mop® and mov® are registered trade marks of axelos limited, used under permission of axelos limited. the apmg international agilepm and swirl device logo is a trademark of the apm group limited, used under permission of the apm group limited.