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healthcare kpi dashboard template is a healthcare kpi dashboard sample that gives infomration on healthcare kpi dashboard design and format. when designing healthcare kpi dashboard example, it is important to consider healthcare kpi dashboard template style, design, color and theme. a common example is a hospital kpi dashboard, that enables healthcare professionals to access important patient statistics in real-time to increase the overall hospital performance and patient satisfaction. it will translate the efforts you put in welcoming and treating your patients, as well as the degree of safety you deliver to them. the average waiting times are easy to measure and, as we have seen for the first hospital dashboard above, they can indicate other flaws in the management of your healthcare facility. another crucial metric of this healthcare dashboard template to measure, which can have serious consequences and directly impact your reputation, is the readmission rate.

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in this patient dashboard template, we can see that a total of 6 departments occupy 76% of currently available beds which is still acceptable but the manager should keep an eye on this occupancy so that it doesn’t increase to a certain level of concern. this template has a monthly focus and it allows managers to compare the performance of different clinical facilities from a financial and patient satisfaction perspective. forecasting your operating cash flow is beneficial as it can tell you if you have enough money to run and grow the business. it is also the only facility that has a financial deficit in the current fiscal year (open the full version to see). management board: rené wolf, tobias hamacher | trade register: stuttgart, hrb 783426 | vat id: de 812921 551 | d-u-n-s-no.

patient satisfaction is a critical indicator of the quality of healthcare services provided. it provides insights into the financial performance and revenue potential of healthcare organizations. staffing ratios in healthcare indicate the balance between patient demand and the number of healthcare professionals available to provide care. staffing ratios can vary based on the type of care, acuity level, and patient population served. ed wait time can be measured by tracking the time from patient arrival to initial triage, the time from triage to a clinical assessment, and the total length of stay in the ed.

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monitoring this healthcare kpi is important for evaluating the effectiveness of care coordination and preventing unnecessary readmissions. monitoring this healthcare kpi is essential for identifying areas of improvement and implementing strategies to prevent medication errors. monitoring health outcomes is essential for assessing the effectiveness and value of healthcare delivery. of course, capturing data and monitoring these healthcare kpis is an important first step for healthcare systems. thoughtspot allows you to track all of these healthcare kpis and metrics easily, while providing greater access for your teams.

on the other hand, a healthcare kpi dashboard is a visual representation of your chosen metrics that are updated in real-time. ideally, you should be tracking at least one from each to have a holistic idea of how your healthcare business is performing. in other words, the top and bottom lines of your healthcare facility. this is a proactive healthcare metric, and if the results are poor, then your marketing team must play its part in informing the society about seasonal illnesses and their prevention methods, for instance. this operational healthcare metric deals with how quickly patients move in and out of your hospital/clinic. however, you need to be cautious not to reduce it to the extent that the healthcare quality is affected. patient wait time for the operating room (or) in hospitals measures the amount of time a patient has to wait between the moment their surgery is scheduled and the time they actually enter the or for their procedure.

no matter the source, a high number of referral patients mean that your services are satisfactory and of top quality, which is why they were referred to you. one important metric that you should include in your healthcare kpi dashboard is the number of canceled or missed appointments. maybe patients are being asked to stay longer for what’s required, or perhaps you need more beds in contrast to the number of patients your facility gets. not only is this a safety breach, but it can lead to serious medical complications for the patients involved. now that you have a clear idea of the different healthcare kpis you can track, it’s time to group them in meaningful dashboards. to be the best healthcare business in your locality, you need to outdo your competition in the service you provide and how you promote it. benchmarks groups give you free and 100% anonymized access to the critical kpis for similar healthcare businesses in your industry.