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each activity listed on the left-hand side of a gantt chart has a colored bar next to it. pro tip: use venngage’s collaboration features to add team members (like your client) to your account and share your gantt chart seamlessly. pro tip: when you’ve finished editing your gantt chart in venngage, click “share” in the top right corner of the editor to email or get a link to your design. gantt charts are a great way to keep construction projects on schedule and make sure clients, crew members and subcontractors are in the loop. for example, in the above template, using my brand kit would change the blue, yellow and green background color scheme to your brand’s color scheme. use the gantt chart example above to plot your business strategy and major milestones.

but, let’s say they’re a new client and they need a little more reassurance that you, the consultant, is on top of things. that way, you can reuse it whenever you need to make a gantt chart for another client. as this number continues to skyrocket, a gantt chart becomes even more critical for team management and to effectively plan and track work as a team. to add a new column to the right, click “resize” and increase the width of the custom page size. pro tip: struggling to customize your gantt chart just the way you want it? ask our designers for tips on how to present your idea visually–whether in a gantt chart or a presentation, report, white paper etc.

with gantt chart software, you can create a work breakdown structure, assign tasks to team members, track project progress in real time and drag and drop timelines to instantly update your project schedule. how do you know all the tasks you’re going to need to schedule on your gantt chart over the course of your project? to take your gantt chart skills to the next level, you need gantt chart software. in addition, as a project manager, you can drag and drop project tasks to easily make changes to the project schedule in real time. here are just a few: while no two gantt charts are the same, there are key features that you will need to get the most out of your gantt chart tool: milestones are represented by a diamond symbol on the gantt and have no duration. it’s a nice to have, but it isn’t helping you advance the work your team is doing.

once you have invited your team members to the new gantt chart tool, you can start improving task management in a couple of different ways. here, you can see that different people are represented by different colors on the gantt task bars, so it’s easy to see at a glance who is responsible for which tasks. a gantt chart is a planning tool used in project management to get an overview of the entire project on a visual timeline that includes every task, its duration, milestones, dependent tasks and more. you can create a gantt chart in word by opening a new document and setting the orientation to landscape, then inserting a stacked bar chart into the document and adding your project schedule (such as start, end dates and duration). while still considered the purview of project managers, today with the wide range of project management software and gantt chart tools, anyone might be found to be using gantt charts online. if you don’t want all the default options to show – or if you want even more options on display, navigate to the gantt chart settings of your project management software and select what you want to see. practice using the different settings to see which columns give you the information that you want on your project schedule.

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