ga4 report template

ga4 report template is a ga4 report sample that gives infomration on ga4 report design and format. when designing ga4 report example, it is important to consider ga4 report template style, design, color and theme. if you haven’t switched to ga4, or if you don’t know what the differences are between the two digital analytics systems, we’ve created this guide to help you understand the differences between the two: what’s new, what’s changed, and how it impacts your client reporting. ga4 introduced a bunch of new reports that help you get a better picture on your website activity, which acquisition campaigns to focus on, and so on. you can use this data to optimize your app, troubleshoot problems or prioritize feature development.

ga4 report overview

the page report shows how your website and mobile apps perform according to the number of page views (known as screens in mobile apps). especially helpful if you’re running a revenue or lead generation campaign to help you focus on the keywords or campaigns that drive the most results for your business. use a reporting platform like dashthis to help you gather these key metrics in a custom report to make it easy for your clients to understand. combine your ga4 data with your google ads data, seo campaign reporting and social media metrics for a complete picture of all your marketing efforts, helping you show the impact and value your agency creates for your clients.

the only way you’ll learn how to create custom reports in ga4 is by trying them and playing around with the settings. when you first set up a report, you’ll notice that there are two columns in the report editor: variables and tab settings. this column is where you choose all of the variables that you might want to use in your report. you’ll be dragging and dropping dimensions and metrics from the variables column here to add them to your report. add any dimensions you might want in your report, beyond the ones that are there. depending on the kind of report you want to see, you might want event name, campaign, or page location.

ga4 report format

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ga4 report guide

in ga4, you can add dimensions to either rows or columns to create the in-depth report you need to understand your data. in custom reports in universal analytics, you just had metrics. if you need to filter the data in your report, the filters box underneath values is where you can add your filters. you can drag and drop dimensions or metrics into your filters, depending on what you’re trying to set up. we’ll go over an example custom report and show you how to set it up so you can still see your landing page data easily. you’re free to add any other metrics to the report that make sense for your business. get started with monsterinsights today to simplify analytics and get the stats that matter.