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fter action review template is a fter action review sample that gives infomration on fter action review design and format. when designing fter action review example, it is important to consider fter action review template style, design, color and theme. nano tools for leaders® are fast, effective leadership tools that you can learn and start using in less than 15 minutes — with the potential to significantly impact your success as a leader and the engagement and productivity of the people you lead. called “one of the most successful organizational learning methods yet devised,” the after-action review (aar) was developed by the united states army in the 1970s to help its soldiers learn from both their mistakes and achievements. to set the stage for effective aars, leaders must first create a climate of transparency, selflessness, and candor where team members can challenge current ways of thinking and performing. used regularly to assess successful and unsuccessful events, aars will strengthen teams and improve performance, and can become ingrained into the dna of the organization. when key learnings from aars are shared, the experiences of one team can benefit the entire organization. the following steps will help to make aars a “living practice” that can transform team and organizational performance. huber corporation uses aars after every planned project and significant unplanned event.

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following the meeting, employees post their learnings to a database and an online after-action report is created, which includes action plans and lessons learned. employees are motivated to participate with incentives such as the chairman’s award for after action review (aar) excellence, which is given annually to a cross-functional team. on a smaller scale, ceo and founder dev patnaik debriefed after every meeting and every client interaction for six months. the debriefings gave patnaik the feedback senior executives rarely get. general participation is garnered through discussions and ensuing reports, which are circulated to all participants through the intranet. the reports are then open to all so that continuous learning and best practices are available to everyone in the organization. todd henshaw, phd, senior fellow, center for leadership and change management, the wharton school; former director of military leadership, west point nano tools for leaders® was conceived and developed by deb giffen, mcc, director of custom programs at wharton executive education.

the after action review (aar) is a simple method for facilitating an assessment of organisational performance by bringing together a team to discuss a task, event, activity or project in an open and honest fashion. as well as turning unconscious learning into tacit, it helps to build trust among team members and to overcome the fear of mistakes. the simplicity at the heart of the tool means there is much potential to experiment with the process and find the right ways that will work best with the group and the work item under review. these questions establish a common understanding of the work item under review. the question ‘why?’ generates an understanding of the root causes of these successes and failures.

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the primary purpose was to explore ways in which participant organisations could jointly improve their performance and quality of work by reflecting back on their activities and actions. of the best practices discussed over the two days, five were selected as having been most crucial to improving response time and effectiveness:   time was then spent action planning on how to work collaboratively on the first three of the lessons learned. reflecting on the workshop, participants said that as the starting point for a longer process of collaboration, it had been very useful. it was also anticipated that the outputs of the workshop would be a valuable input into the planned multi-agency evaluation and other emerging projects and working groups. (2006) tools for knowledge and learning, odi toolkit. betterevaluation is part of the global evaluation initiative, a global network of organizations and experts supporting country governments to strengthen monitoring, evaluation, and the use of evidence in their countries.