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free data studio template is a free data studio sample that gives infomration on free data studio design and format. when designing free data studio example, it is important to consider free data studio template style, design, color and theme. marketing agencies choose to use looker studio for two reasons: it provides easy access to multiple data sources and claims to be free. so, if you are only using google apps, looker studio might be just the right reporting solution, and it will actually be completely free to use for your case. looker studio covers a vast array of data sources, allowing marketing agencies to easily access and extract valuable information on the performance of ad campaigns, initiatives, and experiments. in other words, if you want to create looker studio reports for all of your marketing efforts and channels, you’ll need to buy a couple of paid connectors to pull data and metrics from them, which could slow down the whole reporting process.

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for example, power my analytics or reporting ninja would be used to extract insights from google my business (yes, looker studio does not provide it natively); octoboard would be used to extract key business performance indicators; and dataddo would be used to collect data on each purchase made on the website from woocommerce. while it is difficult to estimate how much reporting with looker studio will cost you, whatagraph clearly states the features you are paying for, the data sources available, and the platforms with which you can integrate. if you think that looker studio pricing is not really transparent and that you need something easier to use and with better onboarding + a wealth of features, we have a solution. you don’t need to be a data analyst to create stunning marketing reports.

google data studio (gds) was a popular marketing reporting engine and data visualization tool for in-house marketers as well as marketing agencies across the globe. you can even use the build your own tool to create your own data connectors if you can’t find what you need in their existing list of data connectors. google trades heavily on the premise that looker studio is “free”. will google eliminate the free aspects now that google data studio has become looker studio? that’s a tricky question to answer, since google has been notoriously opaque about the pricing of looker studio pro, just as it was with the paid versions of google data studio before it.

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currently, looker studio offers just those 20 free connectors that are built and maintained by google. for one, google just isn’t open about the looker pricing in 2024. we’re left to guess what’s on the price tag and what’s included in that pricing. but it’s missing a lot of the bells and whistles specific to the marketing sphere (more on that in the conclusion). the consensus on looker studio pricing is that it’s high and you’ll need to do a lot of digging to uncover the real bottom line. it makes the task of evaluating solutions and comparing looker to looker alternatives that much more time-consuming.

we’re excited to announce that data studio, google’s free data visualization and reporting product, is out of beta and now generally available. data studio, part of google marketing platform and closely integrated with google cloud, allows you to easily access data from google analytics, google ads, display & video 360, search ads 360, youtube analytics, google sheets, google bigquery and over 500 more data sources, both google and non-google, to visualize and interactively explore data. since introducing data studio as a beta in 2016, we’ve improved the stability of the product and added many key features. companies like airasia group are using data studio to help with cross-platform reporting and collaboration between teams.

“data democratization is the key for future efficiencies within the airline and the integration between data studio and bigquery data sources help ensure that everyone has a single view. the platform has rapidly evolved in the last 12 months, and we’re able to sunset existing production and ensure we have a single platform for data dashboard and ad-hoc visualization.” features like these have helped grow our ecosystem and make data studio more impactful for more people. this is proven by the fact that in a short time span, we’ve seen thousands of companies around the world, including leading brands, choose data studio for their cross-platform marketing reporting.” data studio’s mission is to empower people to identify and share insights from their data—whether it’s a marketer surfacing information about which of their advertising channels is most effective, or a business analyst tracking performance metrics. we look forward to continuing to explore that mission alongside our community of users and collaborators.