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focus group report template is a focus group report sample that gives infomration on focus group report design and format. when designing focus group report example, it is important to consider focus group report template style, design, color and theme. customize the items and modify the research questions to make them more specific to a topic that you want for your focus group. focus group moderators can use this template to create more in-depth and meaningful conversations. a focus group template provides moderators with a framework on how the session will proceed from start to finish. after all, this report presents the results of the fgd and allows organizations to take meaningful action based on the data you collected. here are the steps in creating a report using a focus group template. this section allows moderators and evaluators to understand what the fgd is about and how it will be conducted.

focus group report format

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this section serves as the heart of the focus group report, for it contains the answers and insights from the participants. in this section, you can also include comments and recommendations to improve the program. the typical format of an fgd template is that it should include of open-ended questions for an easier flow of discussion where participants can share their thoughts, opinions, and experiences. the success of focus group discussions relies on a systematic program flow and extensive documentation. using this tool, you can perform the following actions: this focus group template for program evaluation can be used to learn why participants attend an event. research teams can use this focus group survey demographic template to find the right respondents for focus group discussions, statistics, and case studies.