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fire incident report template is a fire incident report sample that gives infomration on fire incident report design and format. when designing fire incident report example, it is important to consider fire incident report template style, design, color and theme. the new york state office of fire prevention and control (ofpc) grants access to the fire incident reporting system (nfirs), and the fire resource inventory system (fris) to those individuals and entities that require access to perform their duties. final determination of an individual’s right to access secure data will be determined by the state of new york. new york state’s fire incident reporting system is a secure system and requires all users to obtain an account from ofpc. to obtain an account, download the information management system application and submit it to ofpc for approval. for further information contact the fire reporting unit at 518-474-6746 or [email protected] the fire resource inventory system (fris) is an integrated platform that allows the statewide fire department users to enter, view, maintain, and modify their resource inventory data. this user-friendly web based system is also intended to be used during large scale emergencies to identify and locate needed resources for deployment on a statewide basis.

fire incident report format

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resource typing is the categorization and description of resources that are commonly exchanged in disasters. the new york state burn injury reporting system (birs) is a database maintained by the office of fire prevention and control’s (ofpc) inspections and investigations branch. new york state penal law section 265.26, identifies the requirements of burn injuries and wounds to be reported as well as who is responsible for reporting such incidents. the burn injury reporting law, which parallels the gun shot law, is intended to identify individuals who may have been burned during the commission of a crime and travel outside their area for medical treatment to avoid detection. the investigation of burn injuries is the responsibility of local police and fire investigators. burn information and data is also used in the development of burn prevention, treatment, and education programs administered by both the ofpc and the new york state health department. the essential information in the register can be utilized by fire and police investigators to research prior loss histories, identify patterns and detect potentially fraudulent insurance claims resulting from a fire.