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financial forecast template is a financial forecast sample that gives infomration on financial forecast design and format. when designing financial forecast example, it is important to consider financial forecast template style, design, color and theme. financial results demonstrate business success to both shareholders and the public. however, if your forecast is concerned with a business’s future, such as a pending merger or acquisition, it’s important to be thorough and detailed. externally, pro forma statements can demonstrate the risk of investing in a business. for example, you can use it to forecast next month’s sales by averaging the previous quarter. to forecast using multiple linear regression, a linear relationship must exist between the dependent and independent variables.

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budgeting and financial forecasting are tools that companies use to establish a plan for where management wants to take the business—budgeting—and whether it is heading in the right direction—financial forecasting. in contrast, financial forecasting estimates the amount of revenue or income achieved in a future period. a company’s budget is typically re-evaluated periodically, usually once per fiscal year, depending on how management wants to update the information. for some companies, management may need to be flexible and allow the budget to be adjusted throughout the year as business conditions change. characteristics of financial forecasting include:  financial forecasting can help a management team make adjustments to production and inventory levels. the content of a budget and financial forecast is different—the former contains specific goals like the number of items to sell or the amount of money to earn.

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a financial forecast examines a company’s current financial situation and uses the information to forecast whether or not a budget will be met. financial forecasting may be done frequently while a budget is set for a specific time period and may not be done more than once, twice, or quarterly. if a company uses budgeting to make decisions, the budget should be flexible and updated more frequently than one fiscal year, which is a relationship to the prevailing market. however, a financial forecast is relevant because of the information it provides because it can highlight the need for action. in contrast, a budget may contain targets that cannot be accomplished if the budget is an overreach. a budget reveals the shape or direction of a company’s finance, while the forecast tracks whether or not the company is meeting its financial goals as outlined in the budget. when a company creates a financial forecast report, it will decide on a time frame for the forecast and then gather all past financial documents and necessary paperwork around the time frame.

in this guide on how to build a financial forecast, we will complete the income statement model from revenue to operating profit or ebit. on the other hand, the quick and dirty approach to robust models outlines how you can model revenues in a much more straightforward way, with the benefit that the model will be more simple and easy to use (although less accurate and detailed). however, it is advised to take a more detailed approach, considering factors such as the cost of input, economies of scale, and learning curve. let’s go through an example of financial forecasting together and build the income statement forecast model in excel.

in this article, we will only work on the assumptions and the income statement. to forecast sales for the first forecast year (in this case 2017), i take the previous year (c42) and grow it by the sales growth assumption in the “assumptions & drivers” section. next, i forecast all the expenses in rows 45 to 48 as a percentage of sales. to learn more and expand your career, explore the additional relevant cfi resources below: below is a break down of subject weightings in the fmva® financial analyst program. cfi is on a mission to enable anyone to be a great financial analyst and have a great career path.