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an aging report is a report that categorizes the balances of a company’s clients based on the length of time their invoices are outstanding – its age. thus, allowing the company to assess its clients in greater detail than if they only evaluated them based on their outstanding balances. in these cases, the company might contact their client to notify them of their outstanding invoices and further negotiate business terms if the client fails to pay for their invoices. using the example shown in the preview above, you can see that company c owes debts of 100, which have been outstanding for over 90 days.

alternatively, this means that company c fails to pay for 16.7% (100/600= 0.1667) of its purchases. the aging report can also be used for other purposes. companies need to represent these unpaid outstanding debts in their financials. this aging report template can be used to calculate a company’s allowance for doubtful accounts using assumptions for each time interval. for example, looking at the preview again, we can see that this company has an allowance for doubtful accounts of $64, based on their assumptions for bad debts.

in fact, it can sometimes make you feel like you’re sitting back in high school algebra with those long string of parenthesis and if-then statements. we’ve included all the statements and formulas needed to find out who is the most overdue and how much money you’re owed in receivables. try lockstep inbox, our free ar application that will show you real time aging and other ar kpis in minutes (yes, it’s free). enter in the corresponding information for your customers and their orders underneath the headlines. in cell e2, enter in the following formula: =if(today()>c2,today()-c2,0) drag the fill handler from cell e2 all the way to the last customer. this will populate the formula down the whole column so you do not have to enter it in over again. highlight all the rows in the e column then click conditional formatting on the home tab and new rule. click the “type” drop down and select number under “values”, enter 0 for minimum, 60 for midpoint and 90 for maximum.

in cell f2 we will find out who is not yet due on their invoices. in cell f2, enter in the following formula: =if(e2=0,d2,0) drag the fill handler down the column to populate. the formula for 0-30 days basically says, “check to see if the difference between today’s date and c2’s date are less than or equal to 30. if it is, input the data from d2. enter in cell g2 the following formula: =if(c230),$d2,0) drag the fill handler down the column to populate. it is simply stating that if the difference between today’s date and the due date is greater than 90 to input the data from cell d2. otherwise, input 0. in cell j2, enter in the following formula: =if(today()-$c2>90,d2,0) drag the fill handler down the column to populate. with lockstep receivables your aging reports don’t have to be static excel reports.

this aging report template will help you categorize accounts receivables based on how long invoices have been outstanding. accounts receivable template with aging is a ready-to-use template in excel, google sheet, and download this free aging report template to automatically prioritize your collections worklist. this template gives you a dashboard of past due receivables., .

learn how to create an aging report in excel for accounts receivable. click the “format style” drop down and select 3-color scale. diy excel aging report template. for the case of current aging reports, i have done up a simple template (available for download at the bottom) which helps the receivables aging (or ageing, if you prefer british english) report is a tool that lists all unpaid customer balances by pre-defined, .

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