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event post mortem template is a event post mortem sample that gives infomration on event post mortem design and format. when designing event post mortem example, it is important to consider event post mortem template style, design, color and theme. included on this page, you’ll find some ground rules for post-mortem meetings, advice on how to prepare for them, tips on how to run the meeting, and a downloadable agenda template. in the meeting, the project team discusses what went right and wrong and uses that information to make process improvements for future projects. if you have a distributed team, use video conference and screen sharing technology so people in other locations can be a part of the process. the meeting agenda will be a skeleton that you flesh out to include a comprehensive list of issues and action items.

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jordan kentris says, “when you’re setting the agenda, be really clear about the expectations for everyone, and make sure that the team is aligned on the agenda and [that they] understand that [they] are coming to it in order to build actionable solutions.” use this free template to create an agenda for your project post-mortem meeting. below are some examples of common ways to run a post-mortem: in a post-mortem meeting, you need to find a balance between following the agenda and allowing space for unexpected but fruitful threads. you’ll also need to figure out a way to prioritize the action items. empower your people to go above and beyond with a flexible platform designed to match the needs of your team — and adapt as those needs change. the smartsheet platform makes it easy to plan, capture, manage, and report on work from anywhere, helping your team be more effective and get more done.

in this article, we talk about the key benefits of hosting a project postmortem and the steps you need to take to have a successful meeting. this meeting is a chance for your project team to identify the things that went well throughout the project and the things that could have gone differently. it’s a retrospective meeting to reflect on the things that happened during the project. by taking time to reflect on what went well during a project, you can use that feedback to inform your plans for the next project.

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one of the major benefits of a project postmortem meeting is that it gives the opportunity for project managers to take a step back and reflect on how other team members felt about their part of the project. during the gap between the end of the project and before the postmortem meeting, it’s helpful to send a questionnaire to your team to get some early takeaways on what your team thought about the project. if you’re having this meeting virtually, it’s a good idea to record the meeting so attendees can reflect back on it and you have a point of reference when you’re reviewing your meeting notes. open-ended questions like these can help you identify aspects of your project process that you may not be privy to during the process. after the meeting is over, send a recap of the main takeaways to your team.

we considered but discarded: 1: the term is often spelled as both one word and two in various dictionaries. a more friendly and less formal alternative term for “post-mortem” is “lessons learned” or “retrospective.” it encourages to look at the past with a constructive mindset and to focus on the future. in other words, i do not think that a lessons learned or retrospectives or whatever you want to call it is the same as a postmortem review. we experienced a crash and we need to find out why it occurred to do the things to attempt to prevent it in the future.

however, for a historical review of what was done, trying to learn both from what went well and what didn’t, and for reviews that we schedule after all work, call it whatever resonates with your stakeholders. “review” is a neutral term that can refer to the outcome or execution of a project, an examination or enumeration of its results, or simply a consensus-building exercise about what was done and how that turned out in comparison to original expectations. otherwise, if the goal is just to make everyone feel okay about project failure or a sub-optimal outcome, there’s really no need to waste everyone’s time in a protracted meeting that simply provides an emotional bandage and no lasting results. either of these could be used in the way that you describe, to learn lessons and provide feedback into future plans / projects. if you are using scrum, then i understand that “retrospective” has a specific meaning which maybe you don’t like, but would be widely understood by other practitioners.