Evaluation report template

Evaluation report template is a sample document that shows the technical evaluation of projects or program and give a summary of results and key development to interest groups. A well drafted evaluation report format can help program managers and business to produce a professional evaluation report sample.


Evaluation Report Writing

Evaluation report writing needs to consider the target audience. When writing your evaluation report, it is important to take your audience into consideration. Your report should be written in a style appropriate to your audience. This may be community people, politicians, policy makers or the senior management team. Clear presentation and thoughtful design will enhance the impact of your report.

Evaluation report needs to have a clear and concise executive summary of your key findings and conclusions. The Executive Summary outlines what the reader should expect to find in the report. The executive summary can help the readers to grasp the report’s content without going through your long report.

Evaluation Report Template Outline

There are free evaluation report example you can download for reference, however, the free report template may not suit your particular situation. You may consider designing your own personalized evaluation report template using common software such as Word or Excel. During the process, it is important to consider the evaluation report style, evaluation report format and the key layout.

The first key part in evaluation report template is the evaluation report introduction and rationale. In the section, you need to give a brief description of your evaluation background and the background of project or program. This aspect of evaluation is often taken for granted by people running programs because they assume that outsiders would have this knowledge. For example, the Program Introduction:___(State the program context); The Program Rational:___(State the reasons and benefits of the program); The program objectives:___(state the program goals and objectives); The Program Management:___(State the management team who is responsible for the project).

The second key part in evaluation report format is evaluation methods. In the section, you need to give a full description of the evaluation methods, the person took part in the evaluation, the sampling methods, data collection and analysis, the comparison of different results and their impacts. For example, the Evaluation Methods:____; The Team that participate in the Evaluation:___; The Sampling Methods:___; Data Collection:____; Data Analysis ____;

The last key part in evaluation report sample is key findings. In the section, you need to show the final evaluation results and key findings. For Example, the key findings of the evaluation:___, The data analysis results:___; The main conclusions:___; Evaluation Discussions and Recommendations:___.