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endoscopy normal report template is a endoscopy normal report sample that gives infomration on endoscopy normal report design and format. when designing endoscopy normal report example, it is important to consider endoscopy normal report template style, design, color and theme. continuous quality improvement should be the responsibility of every endoscopist and endoscopy facility to ensure improved patient care. the current document serves as a complementary, stand-alone, detailed listing and justification for the endoscopy reporting standards adopted by the cag, while remembering that a complete report of the procedure performed should be given to the patient on the same day the endoscopy is performed (6). the indication for every procedure should be documented in the procedure report, and the indication should be consistent with accepted guidelines to ensure continuous quality improvement. the method and intended level of sedation should be recorded in all cases (8). photography of the landmarks, although subject to interpretation, is also recommended and will be discussed further below. the documentation of withdrawal time should be in every report, but is less interpretable and of less use when applied to a procedure requiring biopsies or polypectomy.

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if in doubt, a biopsy should be obtained to confirm the histology of the polyp and its location adequately described (7,8). this is why the cag consensus indicated in statement 20: “endoscopic procedures should be reported in a standardized electronic format, including mandatory reporting fields, to provide full documentation of all necessary clinical and quality measure” (3). it is well established in the literature that a well-structured reporting system leads to improved completeness in endoscopy reports, and this can be achieved with a standardized electronic reporting system. however, a problem occurs due to the non-specific appearance of cecal landmarks in many individuals (55). thus, when a patient is discharged, an endoscopy report with the details of the procedure should be provided at that time. the present article reviews current evidence and expert consensus on these quality indicators to be used in the process of improving quality in endoscopic reporting and patient care.

the endoscopist gets a clear view of the lining of the stomach and can check whether or not any disease is present. you will therefore be asked not to have anything to eat or drink for at least six hours before the test. if you have any worries or questions at this stage don’t be afraid to ask, the staff will want you to be as relaxed as possible for the test and will not mind answering your queries. it will also be necessary for you to remove any false teeth, they will be kept safely until after the examination. when the endoscopist passes the endoscope into your stomach it will not cause you any pain, nor will it interfere with your breathing at any time. if you get a lot of saliva in your mouth, the nurse will clear it using a sucker.

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you will be left to rest in the unit for at least thirty minutes. you may also feel a little bloated if some of the air has remained in your stomach. in most cases the endoscopist will be able to tell you the results straight after the test or, if you have been sedated, as soon as you are awake, and you will receive a copy of the endoscopy report to take home. further details of the results and any necessary treatment can be discussed with your general practitioner or hospital specialist – whoever recommended you to have the test. normal food can be taken after the examination, though you may prefer light meals on the day of the examination. if you have been given sedation during the procedure it will make you less alert than usual and you should therefore not drive or make any decisions for the rest of the day. if you have any worries please do not hesitate to either contact the endoscopy department, your own gp or go to your nearest accident & emergency department (taking a copy of the endoscopy report with you).