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email marketing reporting template is a email marketing reporting sample that gives infomration on email marketing reporting design and format. when designing email marketing reporting example, it is important to consider email marketing reporting template style, design, color and theme. however, tracking the performance of your email marketing campaigns in aggregate is important for a number of reasons: like most marketers, you’ve probably got a lot of things to do and not enough time and resources to do them. you can be more efficient with your time, energy, and send and deliver the most relevant, targeted content to the most engaged subscribers. the path to that relationship is through the value of the content you deliver in your campaigns. the success of your email campaigns is largely dependent on a number of factors that need to be monitored and maintained over time to get the best results.

email marketing reporting overview

you can think about the measurement of your email marketing through two lenses: email performance and subscriber activity. by evaluating unsubscribe rates, you can quickly see if the content that you’re sending and the frequency of your communications are valuable to your audience. understanding the portion of your subscriber base that is active, disengaged, or unsubscribing is incredibly important to develop a strategy that supports a healthy balance of growth and engagement. in contrast, it will also enable you to see your most active and engaged subscribers so you can scale campaigns or content that have been the most effective. use your insights to continually improve your email marketing strategy and create better-performing campaigns that generate undeniable results for your business.

after you’ve published and sent marketing emails, you can review trends of your emails from the email dashboard. there’s a high level overview of email engagement in the performance tab and more details for each recipient in the recipients tab. for automated emails, click the workflow dropdown to segment email performance by workflow. the recipients tab provides a granular view of your email’s deliverability and engagement with each contact. please note: if you use the /events api to export email campaign data, the exported data will include events that were flagged as being triggered by bots (e.g., a bot opened or clicked one of your emails).

email marketing reporting format

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email marketing reporting guide

you can also review the details of all your marketing emails in the email performance dashboard at the bottom of the page. you can also review the performance of your marketing emails over time in the email data chart. at the bottom of the page, in the email performance dashboard, you can analyze the results of all your marketing emails individually. you can save the recipient engagement, delivery, or email data chart to your reports library, which will allow you to add the report to one of your dashboards: the sources report shows you how your email marketing efforts are driving your contact or customer number. when analyzing your marketing emails in the custom report builder, you can access email performance metrics, such as open rate and click-through rate, along with crm reporting.

the purpose of an email analytics report is to provide insights into the effectiveness of email strategies, identify trends, and inform future marketing decisions. a great email marketing report is straight to the point, highlighting the key performance indicators for the analysis timeframe, and providing actionable insights. the ability to segment audience and create buyer personas can help an email marketer determine what kind of content to create for each step. to create an email marketing metrics report that your clients will value, have a 1:1 meeting and understand their long-term strategic goals. as you’re building your client’s brand reputation, it’s essential to keep an eye on important metrics like email list growth rate and the number of new subscribers.

it may point to a bigger issue, such as correcting any errors in email list segmentation, using different subject lines, and creating content that aligns more with your client’s target audience. if you’re using a robust email marketing report tool like agencyanalytics, it’s easy to link your chosen email marketing platform to your account and create reports in minutes using a customizable email marketing report template. while a summary is a great add-on to include on your client’s email marketing metrics report, sometimes it’s more impactful to have notes directly on graphs and data points. agency analytics makes it easy for us to share the performance of email campaigns with our clients on a weekly and monthly cadence. email marketing metrics are very important in relation to a client’s total business performance. and if you’re a marketing agency serious about growth, onboarding new clients, and staying on top of your game, agencyanalytics is the perfect complement for your needs.