digital marketing report template

a marketing report is a document that combines data from across multiple platforms to show the overall performance results of your global marketing strategy. that’s why you want to start with a general marketing report template; this will serve as an overview of all your strategies together. basically, the point is to show the amount of traffic your organic efforts brings in, the type of traffic, and what this traffic means for your general bottom line.

in order to understand what kind of roi you’re getting from each of your networks, the ideal social media marketing report template has your data organized accordingly. your ecommerce report might resemble the general marketing report that we mentioned above, with a few more details particular to ecommerce businesses. depending on the business you or your client are in, you might not need to use every one of these marketing report templates on a regular basis.

our digital marketing reports let you track organic search traffic, email marketing campaigns, ppc results, and your social media presence all in one spot. it’s as easy as signing up and connecting your favourite marketing integrations. you can use our presets or you can choose your own to create a custom report. you can then quickly learn whether your content is pulling people in. traffic source tells you how people got to your website. this measures the percentage of people that achieve a desired goal on your website (e.g. google analytics goal completions (conversions) measure how well your website achieves predetermined objectives. there are a few different metrics you can use to gauge the performance of landing pages. it’s as easy as connecting your own digital marketing tools to dashthis, and then choosing from among our preset report templates! from paid search to seo to email, to social media, our reporting tool connects with the most popular digital marketing integrations including google analytics, google adwords, linkedin, google search console, bing ads, and many more! display your data just how you want to.

use our custom widgets to create beautiful data sets you can show to your clients. they’ll tell you exactly what you need to know so that your campaigns perform well. instead, use our executive report template to give them the key stats they’ll be interested in. keep a handle on your inbound marketing data using our inbound marketing reports. let us take care of that for you so you can spend more time adding value for your clients. our client marketing reports let you create custom reports for your clients so you can show them how their digital marketing campaigns are going. our comprehensive social media marketing reports will help you stay on top of your social media campaigns. track the success of your email marketing campaigns. our email marketing reports can handle all the kpis you throw at them. you can also sign up for our newsletter to get the latest info! these folks seem to think so!

these 7 marketing report templates enable digital marketers to get the marketing performance data they need, quickly and seamlessly! this digital marketing report template contains all the kpis you need, already set up in a beautiful report to help you keep track of all your marketing download our free, white-label digital marketing report templates for google sheets, google data studio, and pdf. happy reporting!, .

we put together 9 marketing report examples for daily, weekly, or monthly use. you can download the examples or copy the templates — without use our marketing analytics report template to track top digital marketing kpis and keep your entire marketing strategy in one single report. with our digital marketing report template, easily gather and report key metrics like web traffic, conversions, seo ranking, and ad campaign performance, .

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