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dashboard tableau template is a dashboard tableau sample that gives infomration on dashboard tableau design and format. when designing dashboard tableau example, it is important to consider dashboard tableau template style, design, color and theme. once you’ve created one or more views on different sheets in tableau, you can pull them into a dashboard in two simple steps: step 1: open a dashboard sheet: select dashboard from menu, then new dashboard step 2: add views to your dashboard by dragging sheets onto the dashboard adding actions to your dashboard allows users to not just look at your dashboard, but interact with it too. filter actions trim down the amount of data displayed in the dashboard in order to help the viewer zero in on the information that’s most valuable to them. you can call attention to particular marks and dim others with highlight actions in a number of different ways: use the legend to select related marks, use highlighter to search for marks, or create an advanced action defining the highlight criteria. this is particularly helpful when you want the user to be able to see more information that is hosted outside of tableau. most people instinctively start scanning a screen in the upper left-hand corner.

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don’t assume your audience knows where to start interacting with your dashboard. trying to cover every business challenge with one dashboard can result in information overload for viewers. stick with two or three main views and only use colors when meaningful. too many views and colors can create visual overload and get in the way of analysis. using tooltips helps to build interactivity and reinforce your data’s story. once published, alerts and subscriptions can be set up to help you stay in the know.

note: when you replace a sheet, tableau retains any padding, border, or background color. in addition to sheets, you can add dashboard objects that add visual appeal and interactivity. you can copy and paste objects either within the current dashboard, or from dashboards in other sheets and files. you can even copy objects between tableau desktop and tableau in your web browser. for instructions on how to fix this, see show and hide objects by clicking a button. click the object to select it. with the image object, you can either insert image files into dashboards or link to images posted on the web.

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in either case, you can specify a url the image opens when clicked, adding interactivity to your dashboard. navigation and download objects have several unique options that help you visually indicate a navigation destination or file format. when authoring a dashboard, however, you need to alt-click (windows) or option-click (macos). show/hide buttons can be particularly helpful when you want to temporarily hide a floating group of filters to reveal more of a visualization. when authoring a dashboard, however, you need to alt-click (windows) or option-click (macos). this ensures that the connection from your dashboard to the web page is encrypted. also, if tableau server is running https and you use http in the url, your users’ browsers won’t be able to display the web page that the url points to. choose help > settings and performance > set dashboard web view security, and set the options below.