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daily status report template is a daily status report sample that gives infomration on daily status report design and format. when designing daily status report example, it is important to consider daily status report template style, design, color and theme. a project status report is a document that describes the progress of a project within a specific time period and compares it against the project plan. some of them are more for the project manager and others for the stakeholders, owners or clients to keep them updated. a progress report, on the other hand, details the specific tasks and milestones that have been completed to show that the project is making progress in sync with the project schedule. that is a red, amber and green indication of the level of confidence and control over that part of the project. to request a project status report, you should ask in a professional manner and place your request through the proper channels. the objective of a status report, of course, is to keep stakeholders informed and expose areas of the project that need greater organizational support. one of the main purposes of the status report is to compare the project’s progress with the project plan estimates.

daily status report format

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depending on the software, reporting data can be filtered to highlight areas of the project that you need to see at that time. as important as reporting software is, you also need to regularly check on the progress of your project as it occurs. using the reporting feature of projectmanager allows you to see the status of project milestones and summary tasks if you filter the report to include them. know your project variance by tracking the actual progress on the status report, which is compared to where you planned to be at that point in your schedule. project status reports are vehicles for communication, but if you’re unsure of the destination, then you’re not going to deliver the goods. status reports are just one of the many reports project managers use to keep updated on the progress of their projects. the variance is the difference between what you planned for the project and where you actually are in its execution. if you want to simplify the reporting process and are looking for a tool that with online gantt charts, kanban boards to visualize workflow and a dashboard for a high-level view of project metrics, then try our tool free with this 30-day trial.