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crime scene report template is a crime scene report sample that gives infomration on crime scene report design and format. when designing crime scene report example, it is important to consider crime scene report template style, design, color and theme. it immediately went downstairs and outside to the police car and radioed for a doctor be sent immediately and that chief of police, john eaton, and sgt. at this time i had informed that dr. richard sheppard had been called already and was on his way – i then went to the house and to the study where dr. sam was, he was still sitting in the red leather chair, he had no shirt or under shirt, he wore a pair of brown trousers. on the north wall to the west of this door there was a desk which is a secretarial type was in disorder.

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q: did dr. sam sheppard ever state that there might have been more than one man?a: yes, when he went up stairs the first time the form he saw at the edge of the bed, the upper part of it, was white; the form that he chased down on to the beach was bigger than he and in dark clothing. these differences are considered to con­stitute confirmatory evidence that the blood of the large spot had a different individual origin from most of the blood in the bed­room. this edge was almost certainly crosswise to the axis of the weapon and could have been the flared front edge of a heavy flashlight. it is equally ridiculous to assume that these injuries were sus­tained in falling from the landing platform at the beach.

a wide variety of physical evidence can be collected at a scene that is deemed valuable (“probative”) for collection and investigation: the type of evidence collected will vary with the type of crime. it is easier for investigators to condense the size of a scene at a later point than to discover that sensitive evidence outside the scene has been damaged or destroyed by other responders, media or onlookers. in addition, a common entryway is often established that all crime scene personnel will use to enter and exit the scene and all people entering or leaving the scene are documented once the boundaries have been established.

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knowing the type of crime will help investigators anticipate the evidence that could be present. to facilitate this process, crime scene specialists may create an evidence-free pathway leading to the primary area of interest by conducting a thorough sweep for evidence in that area. the descriptions recorded into the log must match the photo of the evidence taken at the scene and the description included in the crime scene report. as technology advances and devices become more portable and affordable, additional testing of evidence will likely be conducted at the scene.