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my friend kiera and i started taking notes in a shared google document, and what started as a simple idea to hold each other accountable to pay attention bloomed into something so much greater. where normally in lecture classes, i listen enough to comprehend the information, suddenly i was listening enough to repurpose and talk about what i heard. suddenly i had to listen deeply enough to make connections, ask questions, and have a running conversation with kiera as we worked.

it’s a space to take notes collaboratively with your classmates and friends, designed to run parallel to a lecture, but adaptable to a variety of settings — breakout rooms, reading a book with your friends, etc. this template will help you bring interaction and conversation into lecture classes. it’s an interactive space with enough structure to guide you, and enough freedom for you to make it your own. she is also a teaching assistant at the rick and susan sontag center for collaborative creativity (the hive).

you are free to download any of these templates and use them for your classes. this section offers note taking methods to help you understand what the author means and learn how to discuss it. are you ready to quiz yourself by folding over a sheet of paper and answering your own questions? this note taking template will smoothly lead you to write a great summary of a chapter, book, or article that you have to speak or write about. you can use cornell notes to write in your notebook, on a sheet of paper, on a wall, on your hand, or on the printed template that you can download here. the simple outlining system of note taking is a well-organized strategy if you do it right.

in this category, you’ll find distinct note taking templates to analyze the exposition, setting, or characters of any story you have to read. this style of note taking is a very popular and useful tool when you have to evaluate someone or something by explaining why, when, and to what extent they are important. no matter what subject you are studying, these templates will save you a considerable amount of time both in the classroom and at home. you positively know how to bring a problem to gentle and make it important. students use it for better learning and understanding of a subject, while tutors incorporate it into teaching. now there… blog is a go-to place for any student, and it doesn’t matter if it’s their first or last year of studying.

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