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construction daily report template is a construction daily report sample that gives infomration on construction daily report design and format. when designing construction daily report example, it is important to consider construction daily report template style, design, color and theme. the work log is the first step to completing a thorough construction daily report. with raken, you can use voice-to-text to record notes in your construction daily log so you can focus as you walk the jobsite. you can also create quick, customizable surveys in the daily report template. raken’s construction daily log software makes it easy to take construction photos and video as you walk the jobsite. any production documents can be attached to your daily from the web or mobile app. raken sends daily reports to the office as soon as they’re signed, and even automates reminders when a project is falling behind in their compliance.

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for general contractors, our super daily feature allows all your external subcontractors on a construction project to do their own daily report in raken. raken’s construction daily report app allows your field team to document who was on-site, confirm what work they completed, upload photos and attachments, and effectively communicate daily construction activity to the office every day. download a sample construction daily report template. field supervisors can log daily activity and manpower, respond to survey questions, upload photos, and document the weather. construction daily reporting is critical for both the field and office to capture relevant information regarding the daily activities on a construction jobsite. that’s why we designed our software to be field-first—so crews can easily provide real-time data and updates while they walk the jobsite.

recording and retaining daily site activity documentation on any construction project is the key to tracking progress accurately. project progress tracking is a simple way to record what stage of the project you are in on any given day. a daily log in construction should track simple metrics on equipment usage throughout the day. a basic section to ensure checks and balances around site safety are always present on a construction daily log.

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the last section is a simple notes field, which allows you to summarize or leave notes on any gaps that the daily log might not cover. this is a good place to enter miscellaneous issues or items that do not necessarily fit in any of the other sections or tools provided. ???? pro tip: no need for a marketplace solution, between procore’s quality and safety solution, and the inspections section in the daily log, you should be able to cover your needs. you will notice in the “pro-tips” above that there are a variety of tools that will make your life easier when populating detailed data to your daily log. if your team wants to go the manual route and track the project information on a clipboard, that is entirely up to your business.