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conference report template is a conference report sample that gives infomration on conference report design and format. when designing conference report example, it is important to consider conference report template style, design, color and theme. the easiest way to access a committee or conference report is by its number. you can read the full text of recent committee and conference reports on govinfo (gpo),, or you may be able to order them from the senate or house document rooms, find copies of them in a library, or purchase them from the government publishing office. gpo’s website, govinfo provides the full text of committee and conference reports from the 104th congress (1995-1996) to the current congress. you can browse a chronological list of reports, or use the advanced search to search by a variety of fields. provides the full text of committee and conference reports from the 104th congress (1995-1996) to the current congress.

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the senate and house document rooms may be able to provide you with a copy of a committee or conference report. committee and conference reports may be available in large library systems or college libraries, frequently as a part of their participation in the federal depository library program (fdlp). a list of depository libraries is available on gpo’s website. congressional reports may be available for sale from gpo; you will need to check  gpo’s catalog of u.s. government publications. more information is available from gpo by calling 202-512-1800 or 1-866-512-1800 or by visiting the online u.s. government bookstore.

in order for a bill to be presented to the president for signature, it must pass both the house and senate in the exact same form. a motion to request or agree to a conference with the senate is in order if offered by direction of the primary committee and of all reporting committees of initial referral. following the motion to go to conference, but prior to the appointment of conferees, the speaker will recognize a minority member, with preference given to the minority floor manager (if recognition is sought) to offer a motion to instruct house conferees. additional opportunities to instruct occur when a conference report is recommitted or after twenty calendar days and ten legislative days if the conference has failed to report.

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when a conference agreement is reached, it comes back to the house in the form of a “conference report” that the house must consider and approve. if the conference report violates a rule of the house, it may be subject to a point of order that would prevent its consideration. if the house is first to act and the motion to recommit is adopted, the conference must meet again and a new conference report must be filed prior to consideration of the measure again. following debate on the conference report and in the absence of a motion to recommit or upon the defeat of such a motion, a vote then occurs on adoption of the conference report, which may not be amended on the floor. in those cases, the conferees will present a conference report to the house and senate that includes all amendments on which agreement has been reached but excludes the amendments that remain in real or technical disagreement.