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closing report template is a closing report sample that gives infomration on closing report design and format. when designing closing report example, it is important to consider closing report template style, design, color and theme. the project closure report is the final project management deliverable for a project and is used for senior management to assess the success of the project. the closure report is part of the portfolio management group’s closure process and is required for all project sizes and complexities. project documentation that should be referenced includes but is not limited to the project charter (scope, objectives and success criteria), project management plan, risks, issues, approved changes to the project, stakeholder register, contracts and statements of work, and lessons learned. pmo resources are available to facilitate lessons learned and the closure process. the author is the project manager.

closing report overview

the approver of the project closure report is the sponsor. it also represents the sponsor’s agreement that the closure content is accurate and ready to be shared. for large projects, it is recommended that the project manager offer a presentation for those who are interested in the project’s results and lessons learned. please contact the pmo to have the closure report uploaded to the project artifacts library. the university of waterloo acknowledges that much of our work takes place on the traditional territory of the neutral, anishinaabeg and haudenosaunee peoples.

project closure is the last phase of a project. the project team will be part of this process, offering their observations and feedback, which is collected in a lesson’s learned document. while you should have been learning throughout the project, now is a great time to look back without the pressure and distractions that might have dulled your focus. everything needs attention and must be signed for, which is the legal proof that in fact these documents have concluded. each team is brought together for the mix of skills and experience they bring to a project.

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even if you never access it, there’s a need to keep a paper trail of the work done on any project for other people in the organization. it creates closure, which is what this part of the project is all about, but it also plants a seed that will bloom in later projects when you work with members of the old team. if you plan and manage your projects in a centralized project management software—like projectmanager—you’ll have access to all of your previous projects. projectmanager streamlines the project for you from start to finish. as cloud-based software, it enables you and your team to get real-time data when monitoring and reporting on the project.