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chievement report template is a chievement report sample that gives infomration on chievement report design and format. when designing chievement report example, it is important to consider chievement report template style, design, color and theme. all recipients of sshrc funding must report on how they have used grant funds, and on the outcomes and impact of their research. the information collected through the achievement report is of great value to sshrc. the information provided is submitted directly to sshrc and will not be shared with the project director or other partners involved in the project. sshrc is subject to the privacy act and is committed to the protection of the personal information under its control. you will be asked to provide your consent to the privacy practices described in this notice when you complete your achievement report in voxco.

chievement report format

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sshrc remains accountable for protecting your personal information in accordance with the privacy act. sshrc uses the information you provide in the achievement report to monitor and measure program performance. you can find the personal information practices related to grants and awards management, which includes the achievement report, in sshrc’s info source chapter. in addition to protecting your personal information, the privacy act gives you the right to request access to, and correction of, your personal information. you also have the right to file a complaint with the office of the privacy commissioner of canada if you believe sshrc has not properly safeguarded your personal information.