ccountant handover report template

ccountant handover report template is a ccountant handover report sample that gives infomration on ccountant handover report design and format. when designing ccountant handover report example, it is important to consider ccountant handover report template style, design, color and theme. we have a suite of templates on excel we used every month to capture specific info from xero, consolidate the group accounts in usd etc. if not then all they were paying for is a pdf report which i would supply the new accountant with then its up to him to chose how to do things and design his own spreadsheet or alternative. unless perhaps you are hoping the new accountant will prove to be so inefficient that they will re-hire you and so want to put him at as much of a disadvantage as possible. if they are spreadsheets specific to this client, forming part of the working papers (and so been charged for) i think you have to hand them over (if asked.

ccountant handover report format

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of course this depends, as other posters have suggested, on how much time you have spent developing this software, and how much you want to retain the client. hopefully the op has made decent profits from their client and the spreadsheets are now merely a surplus tool of the work carried out to date. if the client has already paid for the suite of spreadsheets, then you may already know the answer. i understand, op, that you are disappointed about losing the fee – but this was surely going to happen in the end with a growing business.