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campaign report template is a campaign report sample that gives infomration on campaign report design and format. when designing campaign report example, it is important to consider campaign report template style, design, color and theme. they allow you to place a microscope over one of your marketing campaigns to see if it’s working or if it needs to be revamped. in other words, these reports are designed to give you an in-depth understanding of how your marketing campaigns are performing. campaign reports also help you understand how well a specific marketing channel (like organic search) is working for you, so that you can allocate more of your budget to it and less on other channels that aren’t delivering results. the point here is that, in order for your campaign reports to be effective, you need to determine what your goal was for each marketing strategy before you build them. campaign reports are meant to be an in-depth look at how your marketing strategies performed.

campaign report overview

a good rule of thumb is to select 3 – 5 high-impact (meaning the data can be used for practical change) kpis for each of your campaigns. on the other hand, if you’re a marketing agency and it was one client’s campaign that failed (and another client’s that succeeded), then sharing these results with just your team won’t cut it. that way, if something’s working well, it’ll be easy to keep or even increase the budget for that strategy. then the data will automatically be compiled and sent to your recipients. not only are there visual graphs, charts, and lists, but the information is sent directly to your recipients’ inbox.

it’s campaign reporting day, and you’ve spent the last couple of hours in google sheets making sure your digital marketing report is pixel-perfect for your client to show the fantastic marketing performance you’ve achieved this month. yet, regular agency reporting is also an opportunity to communicate the value of your work with your clients. before you dive in and start putting together a campaign report, it’s essential first to understand the goals of your campaign. you wouldn’t, for instance, spend money on a brand awareness campaign when your client has a limited-time sale they need to maximize revenue for.

campaign report format

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campaign report guide

add a note or comment to have it in your report for your client to review or to discuss at a client meeting. send your client and stakeholders a simple link to view a report on their web browser. managing your advertising budget is vital for effective pay-per-click (ppc) campaigns, and these two metrics are essential to make any ad or campaign optimization decisions, like the keywords to target or which segments to focus on for your google ads campaigns. that’s time and wages you can put to better use while ensuring your clients get the reporting experience they want to stay with you for another billing cycle. sign up for your free 15-day trial of dashthis today.

campaign reporting is the process of reporting on the results of your marketing campaign. a well-written campaign report provides insight into the performance of your campaigns by tracking your marketing data. most importantly, it saves the reader of your report a lot of valuable time and keeps them motivated to go through your work and report carefully. this also contributes to the notion of keeping the report simple and in an easy to comprehend format. it is crucial to begin your campaign performance report with an overview of the most relevant marketing kpis.

remember, the report is not only for you and your marketing department. for example, you can compare the performance of your campaign on facebook ads and google ads vs. paid advertising on linkedin. illustration and data visualization is of particular importance in this part of the report. this is where you want to discuss how internal and external forces helped in shaping the marketing campaign. at the end of your campaign performance report, you should discuss key take-outs and recommendations for future campaigns. automate the way you connect, visualize and share marketing data with your clients and managers.