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call center dashboard template is a call center dashboard sample that gives infomration on call center dashboard design and format. when designing call center dashboard example, it is important to consider call center dashboard template style, design, color and theme. this enables call center teams to create a better customer experience by quickly reacting to changing situations. in physical call centers, these dashboards are usually displayed on tvs where everyone can see them. they also provide a focal point for performance measurement, helping motivate the team to achieve their goals. this dashboard is primarily focused on live data, which shows how the team is performing on that day. their target is to achieve a csat score of above 95%, and this is highlighted in green when they do.

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next, we have information on the volume of calls that day, as well as average wait time, and abandonment rate. this focus on responding to call volume is balanced by a metric that shows the percentage of successful call resolutions, including a leaderboard for the most call resolutions by agent. this alerts the team when they are experiencing a high volume of calls so they can react quickly. this call center dashboard is less focused on performance that day, and more focused on the overall kpi trends for the month. in particular, this dashboard is visualizing four kpis: first response time (frt), the average time taken to respond to each call; customer satisfaction (csat) taken from a short post-call survey; calls per day; and call resolution, which is the percentage of calls successfully resolved.

if you’re looking to monitor the operational burden on your agents and keep a pulse on the performance of your call center, this is the tableau dashboard for you! this call center dashboard example is designed for a call center director or manager who wants to monitor the flow of calls and the level of support delivered. for a deeper dive into agent performance, see the agent tab! this view provides a high-level assessment of how these metrics are performing for the current year, with some additional breakdowns of the month-over-month trending. this tab provides a suite of valuable metrics per each agent while displaying them in a table format that allows the user to compare these values across all agents at the call center.

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the user simply selects the agent of interest to move them to highlight them and then can continue to view the remaining agents. to make comparisons and evaluation easier, the user can sort on any of these metrics to adjust the flow of the table. understanding peak times for calls and wait periods can help inform staffing decisions to utilize employees better and increase customer satisfaction. custom time period heat map: after picking the metric of interest, the user can choose between a few time period options to better understand the intersection of hour, day, or month where peak values exist. if you have any questions, need help, or are interested in having a team of tableau experts design dashboards for you, feel free to reach out!

i love looking at them, i love using them, and i love building them. if i would have to pick one thing to do every day that brings me joy, building dashboards would be at the very top. but i take it as a big responsibility. and while it’s easy to fail in this world and make mistakes, there’s one thing we can do to get us closer to success: listen. but somehow life got in the way of me contributing. my idea was to design something that will be live on a tv screen in a call center. this is one of the perks of doing community projects: we get to play around with different ideas, techniques, etc. i created a month-to-date view where the latest date is highlighted to show where it stands relative to the overall period. i even added a ranking table to show the top agents and how they’re performing. the dashboard looks good but it’s irrelevant. i like to think of myself that i’m good with tableau, but my experience with call center data is a big fat 0. luckily, shazal has a lot of knowledge in this area. a big thank you to him!

but i’m very glad we got to chat! i didn’t have anything like that in the dataset, but i believe it would have been the best way to wrap up the dashboard: tying up the actual work with the business result and showing it on the screen. even though it’s a simple count, it was not so easy to predict. i went back to exploring the data, this time to figure out how to predict future call volume. here i started to notice some patterns. the business looks quite seasonal, growing towards the end of the year with a steep drop around january 15. i’ve never used any regression algorithms to forecast time series before, so what better way to learn? long story short, i processed the data to work with tree models and tested out some algorithms. the full code i used is in this jupyter notebook on our github account. the random forest prediction (orange line from the first row) looks very close to the actual call lines from the previous year(s). but it’s also a great opportunity to improve if we allow ourselves to listen. i sure did learn a lot from this process! i am working to improve speed in every aspect of my life and that of our clients.