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cademic report template is a cademic report sample that gives infomration on cademic report design and format. when designing cademic report example, it is important to consider cademic report template style, design, color and theme. academic reports are used to present and discuss the results of an experiment, survey, or other research method. before we begin, note that when writing an academic report, you must always follow the guidelines for formal academic writing, including citing trustworthy sources and using correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation. in the introduction to your academic report, you present the research topic or question and explain why you chose to study that topic. at the end of the introduction, you may want to present a brief summary of the way in which the rest of the report is organized. you can also provide any background information on the topic that your readers should have before you present your own work. focus on summarizing work that relates in some way to the work you have performed. for example, you can describe the methodology you used to build your study, the sampling method you used to obtain survey participants, and the steps you took in a scientific experiment. in this section, you will describe the results of your study.

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you may find it helpful to use figures and tables to present these results in an easy-to-read format. however, note that if you present data in a table or figure, it is not necessary to also provide all the same data in the text. in this section, you will discuss the implications of your findings, explaining them and relating them to the previous research presented in your literature review. you should also describe any limitations of your work, such as sample size or missing data, and discuss how you could resolve those issues in future work. such services can help you deal with all kinds of writing assignments you get as a part of your studies. the conclusion is where you summarize your main work and findings as well as the implications of your work. you should also provide recommendations based on your findings and discuss any future research needed. in addition, make sure you follow the style guide required by your institution (e.g., apa or chicago).

they are often used to communicate the results or findings of a project. before you write a report, you need to be clear about who you are writing the report for and why the report has been commissioned. you should consider the focus of your report, for example: they are often broken down in to sections, which each have their own headings and sub-headings. you are expected to use grammatically correct sentence structure, vocabulary and punctuation. the abstract is a brief summary of the context, methods, findings and conclusions of the report. in your introduction you should include information about the background to your research, and what its aims and objectives are.

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some reports are also expected to include a section called ‘terms of references’, where you identify who asked for the report, what is covers, and what its limitations are. in the discussion you are expected to critically evaluate your findings. the references are a list of any sources you have used in your report. you should use appendices to expand on points referred to in the main body of the report. you should refer to your appendices within the text of your report, for example ‘see appendix b for a breakdown of the questionnaire results’. your tutor or your module handbook will state how the report should be presented in terms of font sizes, margins, text alignment etc.