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updating your assumed business name (online option not available)assumed business name information can be updated by filing the abn amendment form. the annual report is a yearly renewal where each business updates their registration with the corporation division and pays the renewal fee. to change the name of your business, submit the articles of amendment form and its fee to our office. the business name is normally article 1, so you simply write the new name in section 2 of the form as you want it to read.

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remember: there may be other agencies that need to be notified if you are changing your business name. if you are registered with an assumed business name but want to be filed as a corporation or llc, you can cancel your assumed business name registration and at the same time file your formation document, either articles of incorporation​​ or organization. if you prefer to keep your assumed business name, you may amend it by making its registrant/owner the new entity, and withdrawing the prior registrant/owner(s). there are legal and fi​nancial consequences to changing your business type. if your business was “administratively dissolved” for failure to file the annual report, you can request to have it reinstated.

many major economies, including the u.s., remained in the late-cycle expansion phase. the global monetary tightening cycle appears to be over, but the pace and magnitude of easing remains uncertain. information provided in, and presentation of, this document are for informational and educational purposes only and are not a recommendation to take any particular action, or any action at all, nor an offer or solicitation to buy or sell any securities or services presented. before making any investment decisions, you should consult with your own professional advisers and take into account all of the particular facts and circumstances of your individual situation.

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