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for example, on the cover page of your weekly report, you include a note that specifies the kind of weekly report — social media or other marketing platforms. a cover page helps your report appears highly professional in a way that it immediately presents the essential information to let the readers comprehend what is the report all about. then you immediately present the report summary and background details such as the project id number, project’s name, team, manager, and a brief description. the structure of your simple report will be weak if you don’t provide the data to support the results and the analysis. if you need an expense report for your expenditures about the project that you’re handling,  you must provide documents such as receipts with you to support your report. after all the information that you collected to support your annual report result and analysis of your project, you can now start to summarize the findings. subsequent to the thorough data analysis, you can now add your subjective opinions out of the result. if you make your consulting report for a specific topic, end it together with your views and recommendations. you must keep your reports professional by presenting only the credible data from any of your reliable resources.