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they indicate the direction a reader is meant to look. a simple way to add a visual cue to your letterhead is to use an arrow shape in the header that points to the beginning of your text. a custom letterhead is an opportunity to add a bit of color to your business communications. the purpose of a letterhead is for your branding to be recognizable across all of your business correspondence. one way to do that is to use a solid color background for your letters, instead of the standard white background.

a border can tie your design together with a neat bow, which is something to keep in mind when choosing from the business letterhead templates available to you. you can do this by simply drawing the header line on your official letterhead on a slant. the perfect letterhead for your business should be striking and easy to print. you can also add a rounded border to your personal letterhead template to make your content stand out. for example, this business letterhead template uses a subtle pink color gradient in the spine column. a business letterhead is a header at the top of a company letter.

business letterhead is content that acts as the header of your business correspondence, similar to the header of a website. in practice, letterhead content could be placed anywhere on the paper; it’s a general term to describe the branded template your company uses for official (and often printed) business communications. this is an example of how to make more visually interesting use of your business letterhead by placing your company’s information and business logo outside of the usual spot at the top of the page. to still keep it modern and fresh, isolate the graphic design and use it as a border at the edge of your letterhead.

aside from the pops of color in the logo and company information, the rest of the letterhead is further delineated by a visually interesting use of spacing. an ultra-modern and elegant take on business letterhead, like this hotel letterhead example, is sure to set your company apart. this adds a more subtle burst of color to the template, and ensures that your clients recognize your logo instantly. alternatively, you can hire a professional through fiverr for as little as $5 and get the custom letterhead design your business deserves. she has extensive experience in writing about a variety of topics from marketing and business to gaming and culture.

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