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business dashboard template is a business dashboard sample that gives infomration on business dashboard design and format. when designing business dashboard example, it is important to consider business dashboard template style, design, color and theme. being able to navigate your information intuitively has become an essential part of successful analysis and we provide you with the needed features to do so. that’s the one minute you need to get an overview of your operations and ensure your business is performing as expected. our tool allows you to start visualizing and sharing your most relevant performance indicators in a matter of minutes. your team can access datapine on their smartphones, tablets or in their browser, with the degree of interactivity and accessibility you assigned to them. all you need is an internet connection and you will have full access to live data on the go. the use of company dashboards is becoming increasingly more mainstream in today’s economic climate: not simply for their ease of accessibility, but because of their inherent ability to be custom designed for a particular operation, depending on the goals of the organization and what information is necessary to have on hand.

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this will enable you to choose the right data sources and kpis to track your efforts towards those goals and avoid drawing in massive amounts of meaningless data. interactive features allow you to navigate and explore your data to answer any critical question that might arise during the analysis process. dashboard design is the cherry on top of your bi project and you still need some strategic thinking and good judgment when it comes to design principles. it is also a good practice to think about the level of expertise of the audience and add text in strategic sections to help them grasp the information better. you can also choose among the pre-set themes library to find a look and feel that fits your data story. it lets you drill-down into your data according to the time scale, and look at it on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis while keeping the time-period initially displayed.

visualize and analyze your data with business dashboards. share your dashboards with colleagues for easier data analysis and collaboration. enriching your business dashboards with diverse visual elements boosts consumption of insights and streamlines decision-making. use a variety of charts, pivot tables, kpi widgets, and tabular view components to build your dashboards. collaborate on dashboard creation and make more informed decisions as a team, with our business dashboard software. embed them across various online platforms for mass consumption and provide fine-grained access control.

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with sales dashboards, businesses can track revenue growth, team performance, open and closed deals, win%, and many more. with financial dashboards, businesses can track and analyze the balance sheet, sales growth, profit and loss, revenue vs expenses, etc. with marketing dashboards, businesses can get insights into page traffic and conversion trends, device and geography, etc. with helpdesk and support dashboards, organizations can analyze the backlogs, sla, requests by category and priority, average ftr, and more. it’s easy enough but at the same time quite powerful for a marketer to use. zoho analytics is rated as an overall leader in customer experience and vendor credibility and has a perfect recommend score.

visualize your performance and spot trends faster, uncover new insights, make better decisions, and share your performance with anyone. “databox is easy to use and allows us to use templates or create our own completely custom dashboards to track kpis from many sources. it’s a great way for our team to get an overview of marketing performance and identify trends quickly.” just drag and drop the metrics you want to visualize, then toggle between visualizations or compare performance to other timelines in a few clicks. for example, loop your seo, ads, and brand dashboards to better report your overall marketing performance. keep dashboards private, or make them visible to selected users, or let anyone access them if you need to share them publicly. in fact, we recommend doing this to get a comprehensive view of performance.

inside the dashboard builder, you can swap through different data sources you’ve connected and pull whatever metrics you need right into your dashboard. yes, you can change the colors of your dashboards and charts. even better, you can provide create a fully branded experience with the white-label add-on. dashboard loops allows you to group multiple dashboards together to tell a more comprehensive story with your data. you can add up to 20 dashboards to a loop. our free plan comes with 3 dashboards and 3 data sources. yes, using our databox mobile app for ios and android.