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commercial building inspection reports (a.k.a equity property condition reports) are our specialty. the key to a quality commercial building inspection report is staffing with experience. our property inspection practice is so large that in most national markets we have specialists for each major property type; in other words, we can staff a garden-style apartment building and a high-rise office building with inspectors specializing in that property type.

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our commercial building inspections comply with the scope of work specified in astm e2018 and includes a comprehensive visual inspection of the building’s construction including the following: our commercial building inspections are done by a single experienced building inspector or by a team of inspectors. the team will always be captained by our senior building inspector and may include sub-specialists such as a structural engineer, an hvac specialist, an energy auditor, an ada inspector, and/or a licensed elevator inspector. for example, our building inspector may have inspected thousands of elevators in his or her career, but without an elevator inspector’s license, he will not be able to open the shaft and inspect beneath the cab. the narrative report discusses each building system and will describe all of the significant concerns or defects that were found during the inspection.

property owners and inspectors can use this building inspection checklist to assess the condition of their residential, commercial, or public use buildings. licensed inspectors run a visual check to see if there are any defective components or damaged areas in the building. inspectors check for any structural defects that can endanger the occupants in the building. on the buyer’s side, building inspections can help them determine the quality of the building that they plan to buy. building inspections come in two different kinds: general and specialized. this type of inspection involves evaluating the overall structure and quality of the property. a building inspection checklist assists inspectors and property owners in evaluating a facility’s condition. this element helps supervisors and managers easily identify the structure in the inspection report.

it must align with building codes and regulations set by various governing bodies. some examples include the following: inspectors and property owners have to check every part of the building during inspections. upon finishing the inspection, inspectors must attach their signature and full name at the end of the report. this portion can also include the inspector’s judgment about the building and recommendations for repair, replacement, or maintenance. with safetyculture, you can perform the following actions: this checklist assists property owners and inspectors in evaluating various commercial buildings. use this checklist to inspect condominiums, apartments, and other residential buildings. seamlessly run a visual check of the building from the inside out with a mobile checklist. run regular maintenance checks on all areas inside the building and promptly respond to issues.