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budget summary template is a budget summary sample that gives infomration on budget summary design and format. when designing budget summary example, it is important to consider budget summary template style, design, color and theme. the budget summary includes budgeted amounts, encumbrances, transaction totals, and budget balances and is the online equivalent to the printed bsr. open balances are outstanding commitments on a budget for orders or contracts placed through the ariba system (eprocurement). the budgeted amount column shows the amount originally budgeted by account code. to the right of the budgeted amount is the total prior transactions; this is the total amount spent, by account code, between the budget period start date and the beginning of the reporting period displayed. open balances also has the ability to be included or excluded in the remaining amount by clicking on a new “include open balances” checkbox.

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for grant budgets the “activity to date” option is available; for state budgets, the “fiscal year” and “biennium” options are available. budget balances are located on the budget summary, but are found in slightly different places for state or grant budgets than for revenue-generating budgets. there are different ways of managing these types of budgets that may affect how this report can be read and consequently, where the budget balance is located. if there is no budgeted amount in the cumulative net line, the budget balance is located in the cumulative net (income) or loss line under the remaining budgeted amount column. important note:  if your department does not need to use the budgeted amount column for self-sustaining budgets, and there are amounts displayed  in that column, you may contact the office of planning and budgeting so they may assist you in making the necessary changes in the budget system (bgt).