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basic report template is a basic report sample that gives infomration on basic report design and format. when designing basic report example, it is important to consider basic report template style, design, color and theme. join this awesome d365 and power platform community conference, featuring 120+ sessions and workshops by world-renowned experts, mvps, and microsoft’s top engineers and leaders.register now > in the walkthrough for this example you can learn how to develop, update and test basic reports step by step. you can test/run this report by opening the report menu item. you can test/run this report only in the context of the purchase orders list page. 5. you can decide to use a different template storage type than the one used in the example (you can see this on the setup screenshots). in case you select file system as template storage type copy the corresponding template(s) to a folder which is a subfolder of default file system storage. 6. add the template(s) to the report by clicking the add button on the reports form and select the template document on the report template form.

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7. run/test the report by opening the corresponding menu item. you can do this by selecting the menu item and click ctrl+o. data source of the report menu item should be set to the purchtable table. 9. set up the docreport and docfile document types in a regular way, e.g. as you would manage the built-in srsreport or file document type. you can also follow step-by-step tutorials from docentric basic reports chapter to build an example on your own, using the examples given here as a reference.

(optional) enter a search term, or a few letters of the template you are looking for, in the search templates field to see all available templates that contain that keyword or phrase. you also can click the preview icon in the lower right corner of any thumbnail (highlighted in the preceding screen shot) to enlarge and click through a preview of template. to be able to run a report of this type on a scan that includes a policy that just changed, re-run the scan. you also can click the check box in the top row to select all options. you also can click the check box in the top row to select all options.

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click filter report scope based on vulnerabilities on the scope section of the create a report panel. 3. if you selected a csv report template, you have the option to filter vulnerability result types. if you choose to include or exclude specific categories, the security console displays a text box containing the words select categories. you can use the remediation display settings to specify the number of solutions you want to see in a report. to ensure readability of the report and clarity of the charts there is a limit of 15 data points that can be included in the report. you must select the baseline comparison report template in order to be able to define a baseline.