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it will help you to organize your presentation contents in an attractive way so that you may grab the attention of your audience. though we have added two different powerpoint slides, you can add more by simply duplicating the current one. to understand how we have created this exact powerpoint timeline template, you must have to watch a video. as always we are providing this template for free of any cost. we have already covered the whole process through a tutorial video. we have organised this timeline template with few shapes such as line, oval, arc etc. here, in each step you will get to see a text block where we have used tw cen mt font. you can see we have used some powerpoint animations to represent our timeline template in an attractive way. to separate each block and to point out the the text box, we have used small line shapes. so, here we have added wipe animation as well as we have changed the animation direction from the effect option. the second type of animation that we have used is zoom. to have a better understanding, we will suggest to watch the tutorial video.

we have used this animation for the entrance of the text boxes. these are the color values that we have used in this template. we have already got so many appreciations for this powerpoint timeline template in our youtube channel. if you don’t have much time to create this template by your own, you can always use our free download option. the best part of this powerpoint timeline template is that you can easily edit its content. here, we have used simple text boxes where you can replace the text by your own. as it shows a timeline, you can use it for step by step or historical data presentation. though we have used microsoft powerpoint 2016, you can use this template in all the versions of powerpoint. actually this template is a part of one of our complete powerpoint template packs. so, you may check the full template also. you are gracious with your time and wisdom! thank you for sharing your creativity and supporting professionalism.

visualizing a series of events makes it much easier for attendees of your presentation to understand the time and order of events. however, you can also just grab our template for free and download it below. by clicking on the small arrow at the bottom right in the format > shape styles menu, you can open the formatting panel with detailed settings (e.g. insert vertical lines and add a time label (e.g. then select one of the vertical lines and the corresponding text field and click on group in the right-click menu. additionally, you can insert a descriptive text above or next to the circle. now select the text in the circle as well as the circle itself and choose group from the right-click menu. in the next step, select the horizontal line, click on animations in the menu, and then select wipe as animation. on the right side of the menu, you can now switch from on click to with previous.

now select the vertical lines created in the first step and choose wipe as animation. to create a smooth effect, you should set a delay for the animation (choose the time so that the appearance coincides with the animation of the horizontal line). as in the last step, you must also select with previous and add a short delay. for the text next to it you can use a wipe animation from left to right, which starts shortly after the circle. you can move it to any position, but be sure to adjust the delay times of the animations. now you have an adaptable and expandable timeline that is vividly animated and can be inserted into any of your presentations! learn more learning management systems (lms) are online platforms that provide learning resources and support the organisation of learning processes. it is given by familiy members or friends of the deceased. the aim is to say goodbye and pay tribute to the person who has passed away. they are used to show presentations with embedded macros, but not for editing them.

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