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a marketing report takes data from your marketing channels, visualizes it, and lets you create a custom report that you can send to your team, your clients or your managers. importantly, it lets you quickly and easily stay on top of your marketing performance across all your marketing channels and tells you where your digital marketing efforts are a success and where they might need to be optimized. you can include kpis from all the top marketing channels, from google analytics to social media, email marketing to paid search, and more! and the best part, is that whether you decide to create a daily, weekly, or monthly report, with a reporting tool such as dashthis, you only have to create your report once, and your data will be automatically be updated daily. this is a great all-around template that will give you an overview of all your marketing efforts.

you probably already use google analytics dashboards, however, this report will help keep you and your clients in the loop as to how your seo efforts are performing. bring all of your advertising campaigns into one marketing report for a complete view of how they’re all performing with our display advertising campaign marketing report. some of the key ones you should include in your report are: email marketing is a great way to get your products and services in front of people – they go straight into people’s inboxes. all of them make reporting on marketing campaigns quicker and easier: dashthis fetches the data automatically so you don’t have to manually enter data into word or excel to generate reports for your clients. once you’re happy with the report, it can be automatically delivered to whoever needs to see it.

it also informs us of any content updates needed on our website to reflect language being used in search terms that leads to higher rates of conversion.” “one marketing report example that i share with my team and the client is the google ads report because we utilize google ads heavily,” says clearpivot‘s karoline kujawa. “this report is meant to show our marketing and sales team members where we are at, without taking a lot of time or analysis.

share that good news!” according to avinash chandra, brandloom “always shares a report on organic search position with our client and this format is easy to understand and it summarizes very well all the relevant statistics related to the search result.” “one example of a marketing report that we share with our clients is our results in the form of case studies,” amy hernandez of electriq marketing says. for those who wish to have high-level information to share, our aggregate databoard provides this.” “after testing a number of different analytics packages, we chose a marketing dashboard software like databox because it is the only tool that allows us to combine data from instagram with data from google analytics in one super easy-to-use and beautiful looking design that we can automatically send every week to our client and account team,” writes steve yanor of sky alphabet social media.

7 marketing report examples & templates 1. general marketing report example 2. seo marketing report example 3. ppc marketing report example 4. social media putting together a marketing report can be overhwleming. that’s why we’ve collated these 17 real marketing report examples shared by our to effectively track digital marketing effectiveness, you need all types of regular reports: annual, monthly, weekly or daily. in this article, we share, marketing report sample pdf, marketing report sample pdf, annual marketing report pdf, how to write a marketing report, digital marketing report sample pdf.

here we share a few marketing report examples from our tool and share how tapclicks can automate monthly or weekly reporting. use this free monthly marketing report template to highlights your key strategies and successes. include all of your channels: seo, ppc, social media and make the marketing plan your guide. to start the report, present a summary of the research and the strategies that have been implemented in marketing your, marketing report sample doc, marketing reports.

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